Meet Ryan

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Ryan N. Franklin


With so many uncertain challenges in the world today, church leaders are unclear about what to
do next. Ryan Franklin Coaching and Consulting can make complex things simple, which will
help bring the needed clarity to more successfully lead your church forward.


With more than 20 years of personal development and leadership experience, Ryan's passion is to see pastors and church leaders succeed in producing healthier churches that effectively make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Prior to becoming involved in full-time church ministry in 2005, Ryan's natural leadership gifts
brought him to the forefront in the field of nursing. He served as a nursing director at George
Washington Hospital in Washington, DC, where he was an integral part of restructuring and
revitalizing what was a failing health care facility. While in Washington, DC, Ryan served as
Assistant Pastor in a church plant in the metro area.  
Ryan currently serves as the Ministries Pastor at The Pentecostals of Alexandria ( )
where he oversees all adult ministries of the local church.  His natural wiring for structure and
administration provides a unique element to the POA pastoral team.  Ryan also serves as a team
member of Human Performance Advisors, a leadership coaching firm. In addition, with a
personal burden for ministry specifically to the nation of Vietnam, Ryan makes regular trips into
that country and teaches pastors and leaders the sound principles of church leadership that can be
applied cross-culturally.


Ryan is a graduate of Concordia University, holding a Professional Certification: Executive Coaching and Consultation. He is a certified CDR 3-D Assessment Coach. He also is a graduate of Liberty University, holding a Master of Arts in Christian Ministries with a focus in Pastoral Counseling. He is the author of several popular Bible studies, including The Bible Made Simple, a 13-lesson overview of the Bible and man’s history. He and his wife, Angie, are raising two
children, Olivia and Neil. Ryan enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his family.