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The Passionate and Purposeful Life of Charles Robinette

In this episode, I sit down with Charles Robinette, the renowned international evangelist and missionary, to unpack his remarkable journey of faith and dedication. Charles shares how he discovered his calling to ministry, the transformative power of storytelling in his sermons, and the profound miracles he has witnessed. We also explore his personal practices for maintaining spiritual vitality and how he balances his demanding travel schedule with family life and personal relationships. Charles’s insights into the importance of relational nutrients and his vision for the future of his ministry offer invaluable lessons for anyone seeking to lead a life filled with passion and purpose. Join us for a deep dive into the life of a man who lives with great focused to equip others to serve the Kingdom of God across the globe.

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You got the look at this board every day and make sure that your day is is being actionable for the purpose that god gave you, so you are passionate. Your passion flows out of actionable purpose. Welcome to the Christian leader made simple podcast. I really hope this episode helps you learn and master the skills you need to grow your leadership effectiveness and enjoyment. Be sure to hit the subscribe button to get notified as soon as I post a new session, so you don't miss a single episode.

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It'll help you see your self more clearly to leverage your strengths, and you'll produce more productive relationships. It's a step by step guide self to leadership transformation. And I have that in 2 formats now. I have a free short guide that you can find on Ryan Franklin dot org and I have a book, the Christian leader blueprint. And you can find that in any format, including an audiobook book, wherever you buy your books.

I have a few more things on my website that you may be interested in, so just head on over to ryan franklin dot org and check it all out. And now, let's get to our session. I'm super excited today. We have a special guest on the podcast. His name is Reverend Charles Robin.

And Charles and his wife, Stacy, they currently serve as appointed missionaries. An international evangelist with the United Church International. And in past years, he served as the general superintendent of the United Pent church of the German speaking nations for 12 years, overseeing the work in Germany, Switzerland, Lie stein and Austria, And through the years, they've accomplished a ton in ministry by planning churches all over the world. They've also founded the apostolic ministry training center in 2008, which serves even today to equip the next generation of ministry leaders. And when he left that position of president of the organization in 2019, there were 31 campuses and nearly 500 students.

And Charles is the host of the Apostolic mentoring podcast, a tremendous podcast, which I listen to regularly. He is the author of radically apostolic, and that is a tremendous book, which is available in 9 languages. And he has a brand new book coming out in June called Apostolic Mentoring. I can't wait to get my hands on that. So Charles welcome to the Made simple podcast.

Oh, sir. I'm so humble to be here. I feel so thankful. I love what you guys are doing. It was a privilege and honor to have you on apostolic mentoring.

Oh, my goodness that was it It was mode program. And, got so much great feedback from that and so many lives were impacted. So thank you for letting me be here. But thank you for joining us. Sound up supplementary.

Yeah. Absolutely. And and we actually sold a lot of books because of that. So thank so for cool. For that opportunity.

Yeah. Yeah. That's cool. It's So every time I talk to you, or or I see you on social media, you're in a different state. Different different country, you may be preaching for some small local church, or you may be teaching a class or doing a podcast or preaching a conference.

Your life is full. Your life is rich, with with ministry and and service to the kingdom of god or at least it it very much appears that way, and I would assume it is, which So today, I would love for you to to just kick our show off, but just... I would love to just dive into the world of Charles Robin it. Actually, that's what the show is gonna be about. Just kinda getting in your world a little bit.

Would that be okay with you? Oh, yes, sir. Yes, sir. It's thrilled to be here. So when I think about you, I I usually think about passionate preaching, and and and I would say it absolutely goes beyond just passionate preaching It's passionate everything.

But your preaching is is filled with undeniable, passion. And, it's very obvious that you hold up the name radically, apostolic if you are you are very apostolic in nature, and I love it. And so, why don't you just why don't you kick us off by just going way back to the beginning? And just share maybe a moment or or the moment or experience that that first sort of ignited you're calling in a ministry. And just share some of that journey.

Would you mind doing that? Yes, sir. Thank you. You know, I wasn't really raised in the church. So, Chair before I was born, my parents came to the lord.

They were filled with the holy ghost and Jesus name. They came in, under William Nixon in Nip, Michigan. But after I was born, and I don't think there was any, you know, correlation with this, but they backed. Slid after I was born. And so, you know, they moved to Chicago, Illinois, and, my dad wound up, owning a bar on the south outside of Chicago.

And so I wasn't raised in the church and really wasn't raised with a a church understanding or a god understanding at all. But long story short, you know, things life just kind of unfolded in a very negative way from a dad and mom. And, ultimately, they they were drawn back to the Lord, and all of that chaos. And I remember coming to that Pent the church Apostolic Fate church in Nip, Michigan as a 14 year old boy, and, you know, sitting there in that service, the first time that in my leg that I could remember being in an apostolic church, and I remember, there was a old preacher Dennis Lewis preaching that day, and he was fierce. I mean, he embodied passion.

And, he was just talking about the power of God. And I remember that service, God filled me with the holy Ghost and I got baptized in Jesus name, that same service. But it was 2 years later that that same preacher came back again, and it was in that service at 16 years old. When that preacher was speaking about, the call of God. I remember the Lord just picking me up out of a...

Out of a chair, and, you know, a nobody from nowhere, that, you know, just, no legacy, no you know, pe, no and god drawing me to an altar, and I remember, lane in that altar, sir, and on my face for hours feeling the weight of kingdom purpose be in the weight and the call of doing something that was bigger than me, bigger than talent, bigger than ability that that needed the help of god to accomplish, but I felt drawn. I felt such a drawing to kingdom purpose. And I remember laying in that altar, my mom came alongside of me, and and sat there for hours with me praying with me. That same preacher, Dennis Lewis was there on his knees praying for me as I laid face down in that altar feeling that god called purpose. My pastor bill nicks, same thing my parents carrying me home that day, just just completely lost in the spirit, just overwhelmed by the spirit.

I went to bed, just lost in the spirit woke up, just completely focused on this god purpose. And Then I didn't understand what it was. I didn't understand where it was gonna draw me. I couldn't see the end from the beginning. But I knew there was...

Something I had to do that had to be bigger than this. And And so, yeah, that's that's kind of where the call of God began, it began at 16. And then at 17, I went to Bibles. School and went on this bible school missions trip to Yugoslavia back when there was a Yugoslavia And and, you know, I remember being in the European theater in Yugoslavia, Eastern European theater, and I remember, just every little place we went to every little church of 10 people in Yugoslavia. I couldn't stop crying.

IIII would literally just be overwhelmed with this burden to... That I didn't understand. I mean, I couldn't even process it. What is what is... I mean, I'm the son of a guy that owned a bar in Chicago, what what am I gonna do?

You know, and... But I felt this function to do something and this drawing this passion to to serve God and to be intentional about serving God and to be purposeful about serving God and to Just say yes. Just to say yes, without knowing the details. That's what I felt the call was, say yes and trust me. And that's what I did, sir.

I just I just said yes, and I gotta be very transparent if he had told me, everything that this was gonna entail. I just said no. I mean, to be very open, if if I could see the end from the beginning. If I had been able to see the journey, the struggles, the stress, the the things that that the battles, the hurt the pain, I probably at 16 years old would have said. Yeah.

No. I wanna do something different. You know? It's It's that's interesting that you say that because I it's I've all... I've often...

Kind of urged people to look at maybe a 3 to 5 year vision in their life, a lot of people like to look out 10 years, 15 years, but I've always urged people to do a 3 to 5 year vision because you don't know what's beyond. Yeah really. But but if you have a purpose for the next, even 3 to 5 years. You know, it's something about that that could motivate you. And and you just keep saying this word purpose, kingdom purpose.

Yes, sir. Tell me some more about about that in your life? I know that that's a very important thing in your life? How does that motivate you to do these hard things that you do. Yes, sir.

You know, I was praying about this, when you sent over some of the direction of this podcast, and that I just begin to pray about it, and you know, I take these things very seriously because I feel like these are team moments, when when 2 people that love God get together and talk about the kingdom, It's a kingdom critical moment and there's people listening who are on the verge of maybe quitting or on the verge of of something much more disastrous, because of frustrations or not feeling like they can identify purpose, and they've gotten disillusioned. They're dis, and they, And so I I began to pray about this because III wanted to, you know, be able to communicate to somebody. They can make it. They can do kingdom work. They can feel fulfilled.

They can have great joy. They can accomplish great things. That doesn't mean that you're gonna be void of conflict. Every great thing is gonna cost you something. So the idea that anything is free of charge.

Anything there's nothing in this life that's free. Don't even don't ever tell me there's anything free. But there's nothing great that doesn't cost a lot. And and this is the reality, you... You've gotta be committed.

If you want to do something great. Forget about the genre whether it's secular employment or whether it's kingdom ministry. If you wanna do something great, it's gonna cost you something whether it's time or whether it's it's it's, you know, finances or everything great cost you something big. And Yeah and I have learned that, sir, in in our life, there's not a single testimony that we have been blessed within this life that didn't come with some kind of a cost. There's not a single experience, a journey that God has been so gracious to let us to walk through that didn't cause something, But I can tell you this every single cost was worth it.

And I might not have known it at the time. Forgive me. I don't know why I'm getting got me out jacked up Ryan. Here Todd. Here Can started.

With easier question. Give me an easy question. You got... I don't even have a clean me. Oh my lord.

We're we're seeing passion right here before. Well, and and that's love. Not begin to pray her, this morning, and and last week, when we had that setback and and recording due to weather, I was praying. So desperately about, okay, God. This is so important.

Purpose is important. Passion is important, but where it all come from? Where, you know, where do you get this? And I felt like the Lord spoke to me so clearly and said said, passion flows organically out of purpose. When you say yes to purpose, When you're intentional about aligning with kingdom purpose, You don't have to manufacture your passion.

You can't manufacture your passion. You you cannot fake it until you make it. That's not a true concept. It's not a real concept. True passion flows out of a true commitment to kingdom purpose.

And so when you say yes, God. I don't know the in from the beginning. I don't know the pain that I'm gonna have to incorporate it. Incur in the price that I'm gonna have to pay to to... Because of this yes, But I trust you god I trust you that no matter what happens you're walking with me.

No matter what happens, you're gonna give me joy and... Unspeakable in full of glory No matter what happens, even in the darkest of night, there's gonna be a piece that passes is understanding, even when I'm frustrated by external circumstances that yes is going to give me the passion to continue moving forward when I'm feeling frustrated in my flesh the passion is gonna cause my spirit to say, we got this. We can walk 1 more day. We can march 1 more day. We can...

Take this not this mountain, even though it doesn't make sense on paper, even though it's frustrating in the in the natural, the spiritual, there's there's a certainty that I'm gonna be able to do this. And so I feel like a lot of the passion that the allowed the lord has allowed us to have over these, you know, 30 years of of working overseas and now in this in this international evan, which really isn't something new. It's just something we're doing intentionally focused as the only thing you know, we're doing right now. It's stuff. Yeah.

It's the zeroed in moment. And, but in all of that, you know, there's been this organic passion because we have been on an intentional purpose. We said yes without knowing the end from the beginning. Yeah. Can I just kinda butt in here a little bit, and I just just the observation that I see?

From you. And and and I wanna clarify the passion that I see within you. I was first introduced to you by way of a pulpit, you and a pull. And you have a lot of energy. Yes, sir.

But Energy is not passion. Wow. Energy approach passion. That's rightly. But as I have gotten to know you, more and more?

It's... This is not just energy. This is true passion. And it's... And and you mentioned it comes from purpose.

It comes from kingdom purpose. Sir. But what I what I haven't noticed just in our private conversations and text messaging and various things over the over the course of the last few years. You're you're very you're very intentional about vision You have you have vision, but you also know what your gifts are. Like you're really clue into your gifts.

And you're operate in your gifts, and you know you're calling. Yes, sir. And those are 3 things that that a lot of people struggle with. They're they're tripped up there. But would you agree that there's a sweet spot there.

Between your vision, you're calling, and your gifting that creates that kingdom purpose. Through prayer obviously, But Yes. But because you're zeroed in through prayer with those 3 things, like, there's no stopping in you. You could you could you could cross any hurdle that that comes your way because those 3 3 things have aligned. Yes, sir you found your kingdom purpose in what you're doing.

Yes, sir. And... But I would say that those 3 things... Require a great amount of intentional action. You you, you know, we talked about this we kinda got lost in conversation before hitting record, but but I wish we had recorded some of that.

Yes. Well. And and this is the reality, you know, kingdom purpose in your life is not self fulfilling. This is a fact. Now, it comes from the throne of heaven.

God god's speaks to you and says, you know, this is this is the purpose. I want you to walk in. I've got a vision for you, a plan for you, but it's not self fulfilling. You can disrupt kingdom purpose in your life by pivoted pivoting away and not be an intentional about your actions. You can be watching from a a far off as somebody else gets the goods because you made a pivot away from vision and purpose that god never intended.

Yeah. And so you have got to be completely zeroed in intentional when God speaks to you and gives you purpose brother Franklin and and says to you this is where we're going. This is... And you don't get that picture of the whole middle. The middle is the is the scary part.

But Yeah. The God says I'm taking you here, and you have to either say yes or no. But when you say yes. And God gives you that overarching vision. Now you gotta do something about it.

You gotta be intentional about that vision, And, you know, 1 of the things that that have helped me stay intentional about vision and purpose, is something I first learned in the military, in the military, they had action boards, and it was very simplified you know, from what I learned later in life, but it was just, you know, in every, unit room, there was the action board and it had the mission, and it had, you know, who was gonna do that mission. And when we were gonna do that mission and some kind of, you know, you know, kill them all, let god sort them out type of mission, you know, type of statement at the bottom of it just to motivates you, you know, that was actually a patch. It said kill them all that got sold them out. A terrible thing. I'm not advocating that.

After the military, I Yeah. I get out of the military, I feel the the great call of God directing me into into kingdom purpose and kingdom work, and I meet this guy named David Lord. Who brother Nick said hired, and it's Sla Michigan to help him align the church to accomplish the kingdom purpose of the Lord. And so this guy was working with Fortune 500 companies, helping them, draft their mission, their purpose, their goals. To be more actionable to be more intentional.

And so he came into my office. I'm a youth pastor. I'm a youth pastor after the military and and David Lord comes in my office and he goes okay. What is god what is god telling you to do. And He sits down with me and teaches me the value of being intentional about story boards, and he teaches me this, this this process and gets these massive 3 foot by 3 foot boards puts rails around my office, puts wheels on these boards, slaps them up all around and what is God told you to do?

And he teaches me this method of story boarding and the partnership 5W2H, you know, what, when, where why, who, how how much and teaches me to define the mission and teaches me to to make the mission actionable, how to stay on purpose daily. You got to look at this board every day and make sure that you're day is is being actionable for the purpose that God gave you. So you are passionate. Your passion flows out of actionable purpose. And so, you know, when I went to the German speaking nations, I carried that that instruction that kingdom instruction, I believe it was kingdom instruction whitney to the German speaking nations.

And so when God spoke to me and said, okay. We're gonna start churches, and and we're going to train ministers and god put in my spirit to equip. And to to advance the gospel through training and to... So we started story boarding. Anybody who had ever been to my off in the German speaking nations, I had these bars around my office and.

These 3 by 3 boards in every mission that God said we had to accomplish was broke down with 5W2 agent, and we had the the team in place actually addressing this mission vision purpose on a daily basis, so we did not become dissolution. Frustrated, distracted, overwhelmed, and we weren't given to these highs and lows emotionally because we were walking intentionally in purpose. Wow. That's powerful. Yes, sir.

That's powerful. I mean, I... I've gotta give credit to my pastor, brother me. Bring a guy like David Lord. You know?

I love the details of these types of things. So just tell me a little bit more about the... You said... I'm not real familiar with the story. Board process that the 5 w.

The 5W2H, which is what when where Okay. Why who. Out. How much. If I am familiar with that.

Yes. Yes, sir. And so if you can you know, you get a purpose from the Lord. Here's what God says we're gonna do. You're...

And I wanna say this. No you you can't get purpose. If you're not in prayer. The reality is purpose fluid organically out of kingdom relationship. You can't get kingdom purpose mechanically.

It doesn't come from a book. You you get kingdom purpose from the throne room of God. You get kingdom purpose from relationship with the king. The king speaks to you and says, hey, by the way, I need you to do this. And so you you're get in this relationship with God where this organic purpose flows out of it.

And because you're on the king's mission, you have the king's passion to seek and to save that, which is lost And this is why I think it's so important that you have these very intimate relationship. With the Lord and these intentional relationships with the Lord that are not just checking a box or punching a time card but it's really a relationship. You're in a relationship with God, and you're... It's an all day long relationship that purpose can flow from. Yeah.

And I and I wanna I wanna I wanna dig into that just a little bit in in regards to your... Your relationship with Lord, but I'm a I'm a, sideline that just for a moment. Yes, sir. Because there's so much that's going through my head and what I wanna me too your. Well, I wanna come back to...

We we've already jumped from you being a youth pastor to you being overseas and in missions. Yes. But let's let's just kinda 0 in on your role as an international evangelist in a missionary. What were some pivotal moments where you where you knew that missions was your future that that, I I know when you when you took that trip and you were, you know, in tears with with a room full of 10 people. And Yes.

Sir You, I'm sure that that was pivotal pivotal, What is sir? Tell us more about that and maybe some other pivotal moments where you felt like, you know, God was speaking to you that that was... That was the path that your life would take. Now, I'm not advocating this, and I I hate that I have to even preface it, but I do want to just say I'm not advocating this. This journey, but it is the reality of my journey.

Yeah. Even though that I felt this call of God, sir, and even though it was undeniable that the Lord had spoken, a calling in a purpose in my life that I said yes to, when I was 18, I I started running from God, and I was I was just I think A little bit afraid of the purpose. I was a little bit uncertain about how that was going to fulfill itself or whatever. I think young people need to hear... I I think people need to hear that part of your journey because how many people run from that purpose.

Yes. And at the young age, I didn't know. I really didn't know what this meant and not being maybe raised in the church not having a sense of... You know, what this all meant and and I don't know. I ran from God, and I had thought to myself the furthest place I could get from the lord is the military.

And so I joined the military. I'm running from the Lord. I'm drinking. I'm I'm acting like a fool. My life is just you know, I'm I'm following down the same path of disappointment and frustration that my parents had slowed down because they weren't serving God and I'm, I'm having this this crisis of identity.

I I knew who God wanted me to be, but I wasn't willing to say yes. And, and in that crisis of identity, I chose something so... Just contrary to the kingdom. So I joined the military. I'm running from God, But I remember, and I talked about this in my book, but I remember when I, you know, there was a missionary Ar, launched a Germany, Great man of God.

He's retired now. He is based out of his son in lost Church Joel in Cincinnati, Ohio, Great Man of God, of both of them, brother the Ocean and and brother the en Great of God. And I remember, running from the lord, getting my duty assignment, I'll skip all those other details, but, you have to go buy the book to get all the fun details. But I I got to launch Germany, and the Lord had directed brother their En. To be standing in the Frankfurt airport waiting for a young man, he didn't know that he had no relationship with, but God said go wait for this man.

And I remember picking my backpack up off of the conveyor belt, supposed to be getting on a bus to Rams air base, and Ar taps me on the shoulder and said are You, Charles Robin, I said, yes, sir. I am. He said, I heard you running from God, and I'm here to slow you down. And Ar Keen, I could I could weep right now Oh, my goodness. Harley Said get in my car.

I'm a pray you back through the holy ghost. And Harley En. Who I didn't know and who didn't know me, put me in his car at an airport in Frank Germany, drove me to lunch still Germany and took me to an apostolic altar and prayed me back through to the holy ghost. After he prayed me back through the holy ghost, I couldn't do anything, but say, yes to God. And Wow.

Ar Took me to the base, got me signed in, help me to get my life right? Helped me to turn my path back to the Lord. My wife, I married my precious wife, and she was such a critical critical part of, you know, that that circle that you talked about in the relational nutrients that was a great pod test on kingdom speak, beast mode podcast. Anybody out there needs to go listen to that. That was a beast mode podcast, test thank you for that.

And I love that session. It it really minister to me and made me take a hard look at some of the... Decisions I've made in the past and decisions I've making now as a as a man of God as a kingdom person to to be better positioned to be successful in the kingdom. And so, anyhow, you know, my wife and brother En helped us get right with God, helped me walk right with the Lord, and, really from that moment forward, that was a pivotal moment. I mean, oh pivotal moment when that man was sent of God, to yank my chain miraculous.

Miraculous moment. It yank my chain, and it was what I needed, but Again, I'm not advocating this. I'm just stating the reality of what I needed. I was a a man that was void of structure in my life. I was a man that was void of discipline.

And I'm not saying God sent me to the military I went to the military of my own vol that was not god's choice. But when I made that choice. And then I submitted my ways to the lord, and I said yes to God, and I got back on purpose, God used the military for good, to put Yeah. Discipline in an idiot of a kid and make me walk right and understand structure and even more so to understand leadership to submit to authority and to work with a team and to understand mission and how mission matters more than the man. And That was a huge training ground for you.

Huge training crowd and so I have no regrets in my life, sir, none whatsoever. I wouldn't change anything because all of those moments as as challenging as they were and destructive as they were at the time, worked together for the good producing a kingdom person that could do kingdom purpose with kingdom passion at this point at almost 50 years old. I I turned 50 this year, So... Yeah. That is tremendous.

Love love that. Oh, my goodness to, for him to be waiting on you in an airport. Amazing. It's amazing. So I'm just gonna sort of pivot.

I wanna I wanna know I wanna pivot to to modern lay. There's so much that we could ask ask you about your your your past and the way that things have unfolded, but maybe people can just get your book. And and read that. It's it's full of tremendous things, tremendous stories, which is what I wanna talk to you about today, you are a powerful storyteller during your Sermon. That's in my mind, when I think of Charles Robin, and his messages, I think powerful storytelling.

Think passion, but I also think powerful storytelling. Can you walk us through just a little bit in how you prepare for your messages, how you incorporate that storytelling to connect with your audiences? What what yeah. Just just tell us a little bit about that. Yeah.

You know, I'm not a really good preacher. I'm that's not my my skill set is it, like, building these Great I disagree. I would disagree. Well, III guess I'm not I'm not really intentional about being a dynamic preacher. I really wanna be a good minister brother Franklin.

I wanna people, and that's my cash. And and I'm not saying that you're that you're, you know, that you're not crossing every t and dot every I. But that's that's what stands out to me is is you know, you've minister. You truly minister, but it's through... I I would say through your powerful storytelling.

It seems like you always have a story that, like, just... Makes everybody cry, You know, and it's and it's not that you're do... That your. Intention is to make everybody cry, but you... But your you're you're moving people with what God has done in your life and what you have seen God doing in other people's life.

So... Yes, sir. Well, Brother Franklin, I'm incredibly intentional about creating God moments. Yeah. This is this is very important to me.

I'm always looking for a testimony, always. When I'm traveling, It doesn't matter if I'm at a restaurant on an airplane in the airport at a grocery store. I am literally. Looking for a testimony ever everywhere I go. I'm looking to set God up.

I'm looking to give him an I... Her message. Not for a message, but for a for a move of god in somebody's life. I am looking for a move of God. I can give you You wanna be the guy, you wanna be the guy in the airport that taps the young guy on the on the shoulder and says are you charles robin it?

Well, in the reality is, I don't wanna tell other people's testimonies. I want my own. And so I'm intentional about giving god the opportunity to give me my own testimonies. And so just a few weeks ago, we were in Winchester Kentucky. Winchester Kentucky, middle of nowhere, Kentucky.

And, after service, 1 of the only restaurants opened was a Waffle house, which is you know, oh my goodness. That's like the worst place in the world. But, to me, to me, let me see to me, I know there's people who love that place, but, oh, my goodness There's, like, I don't know. It's like, disease waiting happen or so. I don't know.

But we went to this waffle house, and when I came in the room, and My spirit bore witness that there was a kingdom opportunity waiting to happen. Mh So as I came into the room, I literally started talking to everybody in the restaurant. I walked in, started touching people as I walked down the aisle, which you're probably not supposed to do nowadays. But I just reach over, put my hand on the shoulder and said praise the lord. God bless you.

I hope you're having a good night tonight. Probably okay in Waffle House, though I would imagine. That's the truth. So I'm I've been my self, I'm not known for being a really quiet guy. Okay?

So I'm I'm pretty loud. Voice is kind of... So as I'm coming into this place. I'm talking to everybody. I'm greet everybody.

I'm saying praise the Lord, you know, and I'm I'm just connecting. I'm I'm connecting because I'm looking for the moment. And, we sit down at the table with the pastor and and a his family, there's probably... Maybe 10 or 15 other Pinnacle that came, but there was probably around 20 to 25 other people in the Waffle house and the place was packed. I'm talking.

Packed. And I've started talking about the last days, what God is gonna do in these last days miracles and signs and wonders and holy ghost out organs and people getting the revelation of the mighty god christ. Were you were wi spur in this. Right? I mean, it was...

Nobody could hear you around. Yes. So the somebody came over and said, could you please talk a little louder sir? And no they did. Well, I look over the shoulder of the pasture and 2 almost pews to boots, to be boots away.

There's a couple sitting there facing me. And they reached down into bags and p out bibles and they've got bibles now on the Waffle House counter and everything I say, they're looking up. So and now I'd being really intentional and loud, So I'm like, I'm going like the bible says in acts chapter 2 and verse 38. And so I'm being... Crazy intention about this moment, and finally, I had enough, and I stood up.

I've walk over there, I sit down with them and I said, look, I'm just gonna tell you right now, god set this up. This said God moment. There's no way that you can say this isn't a God moment. Mh. I said you guys must be tongue talker because you're not flinch at anything I'm saying.

And the lady looks at me and she goes, we're both baptist, but we are spirit filled. We are... We've been filled with the holy ghost, and she said we're here. At this this bible college in Winchester Kentucky a a evangelical bible college and we're both writing doctorate at papers, and she said my doctorate doctorate at paperwork is on... Miracles in our hour, and my husband's doctorate at paper is on the necessity of the in filling of the Holy ghost.

My, goodness. Yeah. Wow. She starts weeping at the table, and she's like, I know god. Set this up.

You were sent of god. So I reach across the table, lay my hands on these 2 baptist and we start speaking and tongues together. Well, when that happened, the whole restaurant, the the pent hospitals that are there realized, man, we better get in because we're all, this a big moment. So they yeah they're around. We all start speaking in tongues.

The spirit starts falling in the restaurant. People literally came walking up and... Religion didn't matter at that point. No. Religion had Religion had nothing to do with it that point.

Nothing. Nothing we were on kingdom purpose. We were literally on kingdom purpose and Dodge just started manifesting. And really, if I was to be Wow, transparent, you know, sir, about, you know, testimonies and about message preparation, 9 times out of 10. Every message the Lord gives me begins with a testimony.

Now be prayer and God will say, this is what you're telling. This is the 1 you're gonna tell. There's somebody in that that crowd that's gonna need this. And here's how we're gonna get to this testimony. I need you to go to this scripture.

And so a lot of my messages are born, in prayer out of god saying, this is the testimony that's gonna build faith for my demonstration. I need you to tell this 1 tonight. And so, a lot of messages are born out of them. So you're constantly on the move. I mean, yes like I said, you're all over the place, all over the world, literally.

Yes, sir. And and you're pouring yourself into your ministry. All over the world from your podcast to whatever local church you may be in to Sir. The Waffle house to whatever. And that is spiritually draining.

And you know, you're giving, out out of a out of a tank that can can actually run drops if you let it? Yes, sir. How how do you make sure that when you're doing all this traveling, you're you're physically tired, Mh. You're emotionally tired, emotionally spent I know that you have a greater capacity than a lot of people, you have a greater capacity than I do for sure. But how do you make sure that you're...

Spiritually filled and and even refilled after you've given out so much, always on the go, Yes, sir. That's a tremendous question. And you know, I can only say it from my perspective. Let me let me start by making probably a very obvious statement that that I, I... I'm certainly not you know, trying to make this over, because there are some intentional practical things that you must do to stay full.

But I do think that there is something to be said about living on purpose there is a special grace that God gives you in your sweet spot. Okay? When you're in your sweet spot of ministry, and you're doing what God said, when God said, how God said, there is a special grace. But when you get more purpose, and everything's exhausting. You can't you can't just...

You you can't do anything. If and when I get all purpose and I do there are moments that I get off purpose and and and I start to feel that pivot from from super supernatural empowerment. Supernatural gray supernatural strength to exhausted exhaustion, frustration, depression, discourage, when I get off of purpose, I never expect you to go there, but that is so powerful. When you... When you get away from the purpose that you started...

That we started this conversation with? Yes, sir. It it will it will drain. It will su the light shoe out of the. You.

You can't end up and burn out. You. And it doesn't matter how many people get the holy ghost how many people get baptized, none of that will refresh you if you're out of purpose. When you're out of alignment, even the greatest kingdom victories will kill you. That's a fact.

Wow. And even ortho though, even more so, the greatest kingdom victories when you're out of alignment, whether it's spiritually emotionally physically when you're out of alignment, even the greatest, spiritual victories will be the the death about you. Because you'll get you'll get disillusioned, dis, frustrated, isolated you'll move into this depression will set in, you can't see enough people get the holy ghost to make you stop being depressed. And it's so so number 1, you got to live on in your purpose. And this...

To me, brother Franklin, I would say, is the important thing about knowing who you are in the kingdom and being in at peace with who you are in the kingdom. Because if if I know who I am, but I'm gonna... I'm not at peace with it. If I'm jealous of you, sir, and I want what you do, and I wanna do what you do and I wanna go where you go, and I wanna be who you are, that that jealousy, that gets in me and the lack of contentment in the place that god has placed me will literally be the death of me and so just so important that we we see... We celebrate our own call of God.

But we also to celebrate everybody else's call of God that I realize the partnership of Faith is what makes this thing work, if I do my part and brother Franklin does his part, that that combination that coming together of kingdom purpose and kingdom gifting and kingdom office causes everything in the kingdom in to multiply and be fulfilled. But when I'm constantly had war against you because I'm not at peace with me. Oh, man. That that we we're just back down to addition, we we get addition if we're lucky because you can't have multiplication without the partnership or faith. That's why the 5 old ministry is so important.

And this this is so in our hour, in this hour before the coming of the lord. Yeah. We've got to... To value each other's kingdom gifting, celebrate it, prefer it, release it. We've gotta to find a way to be content in our lane and say thank you, God for this opportunity and not be jealous of others opportunities, but celebrate them because their victory is my victory So before we continue on with the podcast, this episode is brought to you by Christian leader community coaching.

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Now back to our podcast. It wasn't until probably... 7 or 8 years ago that I really zeroed in on what my gifting, my my strengths, Yes, sir. My gifting and my weaknesses the things that I didn't do well, the things that drained drained me. Yeah.

It wasn't until... Just 7 or 8 years ago that I that I uncovered that discovered that in my life through an executive coach that helped me just figure that out. And when I when I figured that out, and I started shifting the things that I do to the things that I'm good at. That wow that the Lord equipped me and made me to do. Well, give...

That feed me energy versus versus just just always pull at me? Yes, sir. You know, it it it completely shifted my word. Yes sir. For, I felt settled in my shoes.

In that amazing? It it was amazing. I felt confidence. Yes, sir. The first time of my life and what I was...

Sir. True confidence in what I was doing. Yes. And and I quit trying to do what time I didn't need to be doing. Because I know what?

There's somebody else out there that is equipped for that. Yes. You you you and I just take you and I, for instance. We're we are pretty opposite people in personality. Much more reserved.

You're much more extroverted, there... There's a lot of different different parts of us. And but when we come together We make love to make a powerful team. Wow. Because of our gifts and our strengths.

Think of that. And I need people like you. In my life. And I need fuck you. You need people like me.

Better believing your life. It's it's a kingdom palace It's it's kingdom balance. Absolutely. Absolutely. It'll...

I would say... So pivoting away from pivoting away from that that... You know, everybody knows that little spiritual deal you get on purpose. You're gonna be... You know, you got extra grace.

You got extra strength. You're fulfilled, your but I do think there's an element of natural stuff that you also have to to be conscious of an intentional about, for me, you know, some of the things that fulfill me are, I, I'd love to shoot guns. I'd love to Scuba dive, I tried to be intentional about, exercise, I exercise every day because that is a... It's it's... It helps my brain to disconnect.

It helps me to physically get aligned emotionally get aligned. So I I tried to do some form of exercise day. I tried to make sure I sweat every day. So that I just get away from the pressure, the stress, the, anxiety, whatever, emotions associated with everything that with that I do. Yeah.

And so And then the other part that fulfill me as family. I am incredibly, even more so as I'm getting older, I'm being... I'm more fulfilled emotionally, I'm mentally, by family. And so every chance I get, you know, I remember when I was younger, sir. I wanted to be gone all the time.

I I didn't wanna miss an opportunity. I'd preach Monday through Friday everywhere. I'd began 6 months a year traveling and not even at it away from my family. And, you know, that was so unhealthy. And destabilizing and Yeah.

Really fulfilling. Somebody needed somebody needed to hear you say that right there. Yes, sir. Need... And I needed somebody to yank my chain because I was so afraid of missing an opportunity.

That that I was exhausting myself, and I was sacrificing my family to do what to do what. Yeah. You know, I remember Billy Cole told me something when he was passing away he he called me on the phone, and he, great man of God, and he said this to me. He said, he said Charles here I am on my deathbed. And the only people standing here by me.

Is my family. He said where are the millions? I I, I've minister the millions. I've I've seen these great out boards. I've done these great conferences.

I've preached all these big things. And here I'm about to die and the only person here is family. Mh. And he said he said, boy, don't make the same mistake that I made. He said don't sacrifice family for opportunities.

Don't sacrifice family for being busy. Don't sacrifice family for moments. Moments. They're just moments that they're not gonna be there in the end. And he said if I could do it all again, I would put more emphasis on family and that's 1 thing I've tried to do in these latter years of my ministry is there's more opportunities than I can say, yes.

To every single week people are calling me. But I have made it intentional decision that I'm only preaching on weekends and I'm trying desperately to be home every Monday through Friday, where I can be with my daughters and be with my wife and so I can just... Those things matter, and they're gonna matter more in the end. And you're looking for creative ways. I would soon that you can administer even even Monday through Friday.

Yes, sir. But still be present. I don't think you have to it didn't have to be either or soon no it really doesn't, but it comes down to be an intentional and understanding your kingdom gifting and calling and purpose. Now at this point of my life, while, yes, we are doing a lot of very big meetings and great things are happening, but the Lord has kind of been shifting my purpose a little bit where my purpose has become more aligned with equip, others for kingdom ministry, where I felt like the Lord spoke to me and said, you've done a lot by yourself but now I need millions so that we can reach billions. And so Yeah.

My passion that the Lord has... Been putting in my spirit, sir, has been to equip, and that's really the purpose of apostolic inventory in our podcast is to. Create this opportunity for the equip of millions to reach billions and creating opportunities for many voices to come together in the partnership faith to seed the spirits of God's people for greater purpose in these last days, a quicker, greater accomplishment of kingdom purpose in these last days, really we need millions. We need millions doing kingdom, work and kingdom purpose so that we can accomplish great things. And so my...

There's been a shift in me in the last maybe 5 or 6 years where I'm becoming more aligned with the purpose of equip, And even those... I mean, brother the Franklin, you've never been on a crusade with me, but you should go on a crusade with me. That would be Really cool thing, sir. Because not. I think that you know, a crusade environment is a unique environment for both the equip of ministry and the act division of ministry.

This a very unique partnership, equipment and activation. And, you know, over the last 5 years, there have been very few crusade that I have actually preached. The Lord has been speaking to my my spirit about building the partnership of faith and creating opportunities for the next generation to act debate, so they can boldly and confidently confidently walk in kingdom purpose. And so I have taken on the role of crusade leader and a equip and and, you know, helping people to have intentional activation of calling that they maybe didn't understand in their local church. And so I I...

It's been really exciting for me, sir to watch as, you know, people like sister Le. I remember when the Lord spoke to me and said, you know, it was the first time that the nation of Brazil was gonna see the day of Pent cost. This was 3 years ago. And I remember then I'm on this a big night. I mean, sir, this is a big night.

I mean, I wanted to be the guy speaking the word of faith when 3000 got the holy ghost in Brazil for the very first time. But I remember being in prayer that night and the Lord spoke to me and said, this isn't about your moment. It's about my moment. And he said, I need you to put sister le in the pulpit to speak the word of faith so that I can show this world that I can use anybody and everybody to accomplish kingdom purpose. And I call sister Le to my room.

Sister Robin, I called her to the room. Sister Le comes in. She's a pastor wife and in, Alexander, Arkansas, and she's been my administrator helped me for many years, but the Lord spoke to me and said there's a transition coming in her ministry. She's gonna be a a harvest or. She's going to be somebody who speaks the word of faith.

So I call her in mail, in my room and and my wife, and I bring her in and she goes, know, I'll brother Robin in. Looking can... He even to do, and I said, you're speaking the word of faith tonight. Well, she turned wide as a ghost, and she was like, oh, no. No.

No. No. I'm not doing that. That's not that, you know, she was nervous. She was...

But god said, god said. And so we... Prayed for her, and I will never forget that night, sir. When that woman of God walked to the pulpit in in in Brazil and mana house Brazil and said by the authority of the word of God. By the power of the name of Jesus, You know, and she spoke that word and all of a sudden, the spirit fell in mana house.

And for the first time in history, 3000 plus people got the holy ghost. And it wasn't Charles Robin that did it. It was a great woman of god who submitted to kingdom purpose. And This has been my passion. That's what I feel passionate about is this next generation of harvest coming up and these apostles prophets of Evangelist pastors teachers that are going to work in the partnership of faith not fulfilling their own purposes, but celebrating their brothers and sisters, kingdom calling and saying, Man, this is this a kingdom moment you do it.

And not feeling like it has to be them. And so Yeah. I love that opportunity, you know, to... To we just ask you, but before we move past that, Before we move past that, what advice would you give to someone who is young guy, you know, 25 years old, young woman, you know, 25 years old. They're...

They fill a call to something. Yep. You know, they don't know if it's international evan or missionary work or or or pastor or whatever. What advice would you give that person in this moment? Yeah.

Well, you know number 1, you don't know everything. And this is something we're we're battling. Right now is, you know, in this generation as they I think they know everything. They think, you know, they've got all the information at their fingertips, and they they feel like, you know, I think it's very important to know that you don't know everything, and it's very important, exposure. Is a big component of fulfilling intentionally fulfilling kingdom calling and kingdom purpose And so which I think brings us back to that podcast that you did brother the Franklin with, brother the Mc kill, on kingdom speak when you were talking about relational nutrients, I I think it's so important to who's around you.

And. This is a big moment. Go ahead. That... Why did that grab a hold of you the way that it did?

You Well, I think because I am so passionate, by kingdom revelation, I am so passionate about the partnership of faith. And I am so grateful for the voices that God has put in my life that brought exposure both to the things God was calling me to do, Mh and to the things that God was calling me not to do. And getting understanding about strengths and weaknesses through this this core of people sitting at my table, who god allowed to speak into my life. And this is really what's important. I I think it's important is when God started putting these these these relationships around me, these coaches around me, I didn't know they were coaches, but God, I didn't even do it intentionally as as as I think, you know, you are instructing people to do now, which they should be doing now.

I do think some... Some of these relationships happen organically spiritually god brings them by kingdom alignment, but I think you are so right. That there are certain aspects of who's sitting at your table that you have to be intentional about, And, and I wanna be more intentional about that. But god brought these relationships into my life, and I began to develop in ways. And what I learned in that developmental stage was to close my mouth.

K? It... It's not... When you're feeling the call of God, it's not time for you to speak about what you know it's time for you to to build this relationship around you of people that can develop and stretch and challenge and direct and orchestrate, these things that God is to stir the pot in you, the spiritual understanding in you, and I have been places for the Franklin Glen, I've been places, where I'm sitting at a table, with 30, 40 ministers, and there's this young guy sitting at the table who can't be quiet he's got so much to say in his 12 months of ministry. And, you know, and I I probably shouldn't have said that like that.

That's not respectful. It's a fact. Okay? He thinks he's got so much to say, and you're sitting at the table with giants, but you're so arrogant you think you're the giant. And I I think it's so important, that when God puts you in a place where you have the opportunity to have exposure that you realize when to shut up and when to speak when to close your mouth, wind to realized that you are in the presence of giants by divine orchestration, and I...

Even at this age, even at it, you know, almost 50 years old, I am not quick to speak. You live that out. You you really do. And, you, you know, people see you from from a afar in the pool. Yet, close close around you, You know, you're you example humility?

You example, a learning, a learning type of presentation of yourself, and that's highly respectful. I mean, it takes a it takes a person who assure of themselves to be able to do that. It takes it takes a person that's fighting through their insecurities because we all have those. That's a good point. Wow.

Good point. But but yet, you're not arrogant. You're not ego and that is extremely valuable. It it it it doesn't matter if you're leading the the charge or you're just learning. Yeah.

We would you whether arrogant. I have... I've had my arrogant moments. And I don't think there's anybody that's ever done anything in the kingdom Who could honestly say they haven't had it. And, you know, I've had those moments where...

Because we're all secure. Yes, sir. That's it. Buck up, and I bowed up, and I thought more highly of myself than I should have. And the cost of that spirit, is much higher than the cost of saying yes to God.

So true. And. I Paying the price for arrogance and I don't wanna go back to that. But, you know, I would I would say this Arrogant. You could be arrogant.

Yes, sir. You have thousands you have thousands of followers. You have people... Thousands of people that watch your podcast that Should follow you that, you know, you can gather many thousands of people. And you could be arrogant with that, but you're not.

And Do you know, I think it's part of what you said with the relational nutrients, I think you know, you you feed off what's around you. Okay? Touch truth. And this is why it's so important that, you know, brother Wood word preached that message years ago, because of the times about who sitting at your table. I don't even know if that's the title that he called it, but he was basically talking about who's around you, you know, it affects what comes out of you, what what comes into you, and it is so important.

That, you know, now later in life, I mean, I I love to be transparent because nobody was ever transparent for me when I was growing up in this. Okay. There was always like everybody was holding their cards close to their chest it wouldn't tell me you know, the real stuff. And but you know, I remember you know, I I feel like when it comes to arrogance, you know, when I was growing up, I wanted to be around everybody. Every you know, big thing, big name big, and and Yeah.

It wasn't healthy for me. I wasn't having the right people speaking into my lives. But later in life, as God began to organically put healthy people around me and healthy people were speaking into my life. Help me to evaluate to to take a close look at who I was and to, you know, become the man God wanted me to be, and I'm not there yet. I wanna be better.

I wanna be a better man of God and a better father and a better Christian and a better believer and a more humble man, but it really does matter who's around you, and and the more that you you... The more that you center yourself in the middle of those people. Yeah. And you receive in a healthy way Yes. Acceptance, and validation, and affirmation, and even perspective and instruction and...

But but those those key relational connection nutrients such as acceptance and things that nature. The more we health receive those things, The more. The last we will un seek them. The last cut ourselves up as a as an ego leader or Yeah. Or whatnot.

Ultimately, you have to be honest with yourself, and this is a big kingdom moment when somebody can be honest with themselves and say, I am the man I'm that guy. And, you know, that's what turn things around for David, you know, just that on the man. You know, when that finger pointing in your face and somebody says, yeah. You're you're messing some things up here, and you're you're willing to say I'm the man. I think that helps to move things in a better direction.

You know, Yeah. Absolutely. Well, this has been a tremendous conversation. We've we we've even got some more questions here, but we're... We're pretty well out of time.

I wanna I wanna end with the question I asked all of all of my... Guest, what's 1 thing that you wish that Charles Robin could tell his younger cell. Yeah. Don't be so ambitious. That's what I would say to myself.

A young age in ministry, you know, you wanna you wanna preach all the big base, really, you do. You wanna do all the big stuff, you're... Sitting by the phone waiting for, you know, brother Bernard to call and tell you you're preaching all the conferences and you know, and and you you you're looking for those moments, but a greater moment is to be intimate with the king, to walk with the king, and, I have bound later in my ministry that the Lord has opened more doors in humility and imp. Than he ever did with ambition. And You know, now the Lord has set before me doors that no man can shut.

And he's given me opportunities and he's trusted me with opportunities that are, so great. And I feel so humbled by them, but it wasn't because I was ambitious, it was because I was broken in the presence of the key. And I would just say to my younger self, you coulda have saved a lot of time if you'd had just fallen in love with the lord. Would have been good. That's that's so beautiful.

Good great way to end the podcast. My brother Robin, This is this has been such a rich conversation. For me too. I just wanted to get inside your life a little bit, and and we did. But it's so rich, and and I'm grateful to even know you better through this conversation, and and I know that many people are gonna, gonna value listening to this and and getting on the inside of your life.

So thank you so much for that. Thank you, sir. For before we sign off? Can you tell us a little bit about your new book, and if people wanna connect with you, find your podcast, things of that nature Just tell us a little bit where we can find your on money. Yes, sir.

Will, you could find me at charles g robin dot com. That's always, that has access to everything actually. Instagram. Show notes too. Yes, sir.

And then on Instagram, charles dot g dot robin. I'm I'm on Instagram as well. Twitter, you know, if In there too. But, you know, our first book radically apostolic is already, it's out there. You can get it on Amazon, like, Pastor Franklin said it's available in 9 language.

It's actually, hey, brother Franklin. It's actually... Getting translated right now in the Mongolia. So I'm really excited about the tenth language. Wow.

Of this book, really cool. But you can get it on Amazon. I think right now, if you don't have the book radically apostolic, It's actually available, the cheapest place you could find it is on Pent cost to publishing house. I think they're selling it for 17 dollars which is really good because Amazon selling it for 25. So Yeah.

But, of course, it's on audible as well, so you can get it on audible. But... Yes. We are in the process of publishing a new book. It's called apostolic mentoring the voice of division.

And it really talks about some of these things that you and I talked about today, just the development of kingdom vision and the suit of King division, how the Lord brought about the great revival and the German speaking nations and how we, can pursue a locally and globally, kingdom revival and kingdom vision in an organic way that keeps passion flowing. And so, I think, I think it's gonna be cool. I think it's gonna be good hope it'll bless the kingdom. Well, it it flows out of you very freely. So I would assume that that it's gonna be...

Phenomenal book, especially if it's anything like your first 1. Thank you, sir. Thank. Thank you for taking the time. I know that I know what it takes to to write a book and get all of that on on paper.

It's not an easy thing. Yeah. It's worth years, years of work Yep. And so thank you for doing that. I'll put those links of of your website and various things in the in the show notes so that people can grab that.

Okay So well, thank you so much again. I appreciate you, you being on. It's been a joy. Thank you, sir. So this concludes our show today.

My name is Ryan Franklin. Thank you so much for joining us on the Christian leader made simple podcast.

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