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Learn and master the biblical skills needed to improve your leadership health and effectiveness.

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Life is too short to not be laser-focused on becoming more healthy and effective in leadership.

It's no fun for a leader to have a chaotic lifestyle and subpar results. You don't have to have either. God designed you for so much more.

Use our proven 4-part framework in The Christian Leader Blueprint to maximize your health and effectiveness in leadership. 


Establish a better
rhythm of life.


Leverage your strengths.


See yourself

more clearly.


Build more

productive relationships.

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Ryan knows what itʼs like to be frustrated with leadership results, unfulfilled, and living an exhausting, chaotic life. He has the ability and resources to guide you to become more healthy in life and increase your effectiveness in leadership.

Listen to what clients have to say about working with Ryan.

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Your Plan to Grow Your Leadership Health and Effectiveness 

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Choose a signature membership level that best fits your budget

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Learn and grow with our proven coaching, courses, and community

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Flourish in your effectiveness and enjoyment as a leader


Level 1

Independent Learning (FREE) - Christian Leader™ Self-Assessment; weekly podcast/trainings; The Christian Leader Blueprint Quick-Guide

Level 2

Christian Leader™ Community Coaching - Offerings above; online training portal with 16 courses; extensive application guides; Heartbeat platform; Private community; mastermind facilitation; cohort groups; Community Coaching

Level 3

Professional Executive Coaching Services (prices vary; quote available upon request) - Offerings above; private texting support from Ryan Franklin; 1:1 Executive Coaching; Small Group Executive Coaching; Team Executive Coaching

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Our Coaching Membership Levels Compared

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Stop tolerating an unhealthy lifestyle and mediocre results. Let Ryan help you get laser-focused with the growth needed to drastically improve your life and leadership.

With over 20 years of leadership experience, Ryan understands the pressures and challenges leaders face. As a certified professional executive coach and consultant, Ryan will come alongside you as a guide to help you: establish a better rhythm of life, see yourself more clearly, leverage your strengths, build more productive relationships, and experience effective leadership. Coaching can be the catalyst for profound change and the result is personal and corporate growth - growth in yourself and growth for your organization. It is an investment upfront, but most clients see an invaluable amount of return as they grow in key areas of leadership.

Developing greater emotional intelligence, cultivating resilience, and honing your interpersonal skills will help you lead with greater impact and influence - and keep stress and overwhelm under control. Executive coaching will enhance your leadership capacity and facilitate a higher level of performance - for you, your team, and your organization. Ryan understands what it takes to guide you from good to great. He also understands how leadership bleeds into home life. Fortunately, coaching has deep, systemic change that will transform perspective and give peace holistically.


Get the FREE short guide to a model that will drastically improve your health and effectiveness in leadership.

Never has it been more important to have a plan for growth for your life and leadership. If you want to see the big picture for development and have a guide that helps you identify unique opportunities for growth, this is the blueprint to make that a reality.


The Christian Leader Blueprint Short Guide is a guide to help leaders establish a better rhythm of life, see themselves more clearly, leverage their strengths, and build more productive relationships. The Christian Leader Blueprint Short Guide will help you clearly define the steps you need to take to become a more effective leader and ultimately guide your ministry or organization forward.

The Christian Leader Blueprint Short Guide

Download for free!

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Our powerful custom built Christian Leader™ Self-Assessment - $69 Value (FREE)

Introducing the Christian Leader™ Self-Assessment, a powerful tool designed to elevate your personal leadership journey from sporadic and haphazard to intentional and transformative. Anchored in the comprehensive Christian Leader Blueprint model, this self-assessment empowers you to get laser-focused on the areas that has the greatest potential for growth. By pinpointing key opportunities for development, you will embark on a purposeful path of acquiring and mastering the essential skills needed to enhance your leadership effectiveness and derive greater enjoyment from your leadership role.

Get laser-focused on your personal growth with the Christian Leader™ Self-Assessment!

Access the Self-Assessment for free!

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The Christian
Leader Blueprint

Order yours today!

Your personal leadership growth doesn't have to be sporadic or haphazard. The Christian Leader Blueprint will give you a step-by-step guide to leadership transformation.



Christian Leader™

with Ryan and Angie Franklin

No more doing it ALONE—let's create and implement a plan TOGETHER!

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Meet Ryan and Dr. Angie

With more than 20 years of personal development and leadership experience, Ryan and Angie have a passion to see Christian leaders receive the clarity needed to produce healthier and more successful churches and organizations.

by Ryan


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