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Stop tolerating mediocre results and a lack of fulfillment in your leadership team.

With Christian Leader™ Community Coaching, your team will grow in effectiveness and enjoyment in no time!

Step 1
Choose your membership option below.

Step 2
Send us your team’s emails to

Step 3
Start experiencing transformation in your entire team.


Your team’s community experience will be centered around:

1. 16 on-demand courses with group discussion guides
2. Christian-based group of supportive leaders
3. Live, community-style of coaching and teaching
4. Private forum communication for your team
5. Laser-focused growth plan based on our intuitive self-assessment
6. And more!

With our 30-day money-back guarantee, there's absolutely no risk. So, join today, and watch the transformation happen for your entire team.

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*Choose the yearly price option at checkout for 2 free months.

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