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Jathan Maricelli on Overcoming Burnout

Jathan Maricelli has a story of brokenness, redemption, and hope. He wrote a book called Better After Burnout that is connecting with so many who find themselves in the middle of a dark place in life. This book (and our interview) provides a glimmer of hope to individuals who may have felt like their best days are behind them. I encourage you to grab a pen and paper and get ready to take notes as we unpack ten strategies that will help you avoid or recover from those dark feelings of burnout.

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Connect with Pastor Jathan Maricelli at:

Instagram - (@jathanmaricelli)

Buy his book at: Click on the “Shop” tab.

Download his free eBook, “Five Strategies for Burnout Prevention and Recovery” at - click on the “Free eBook” link.

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