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The ABSOLUTE Most Important Tip to Conquer Time Management | The Productive Leader

Time management is one of the leading problems that we all face today. It’s one of the major obstacles that keeps us from accomplishing great things in our lives. I’m speaking of routine time management. How are you doing on a routine basis before you get to the final hours of the deadline? How are you doing with time management in your daily and weekly habits?

I realize time management is a beast for many people. I hope you will stay continue until the end. I’m going to give you the absolute most important tip that will help you conquer the time management beast.

You heard me right. I said the absolute most important tip, but I’ve got a disclaimer before I tell you the tip that could literally change your life. I want to tell you from the start that I struggle with the same tip that I’m going to give you. I often struggle with time management. I don’t have this subject perfectly figured out. I’m continually working and reworking time management in my life. You will understand why when I give you this tip.

At certain times in most of our lives under certain circumstances, we can sort “lock in” and “burn the candle at both ends.” We can do what’s necessary to get whatever we need to get done. We know just how to push through the fatigue, burnout, and dissatisfaction of whatever we’re having to do. We just “get it done.” We don’t even think about those things when we’re cramming at the last minute. Most of us just have the innate ability to make it happen and that’s definitely a positive thing.

My question for you today, though, is: how are you doing on a routine basis? Before you get to the final hours of the deadline in your daily and weekly routines, what does time management look like for you?

What symptoms are coming to the surface when life is in routine? Are you feeling fatigue or burnout? Are you feeling unhappiness and lack of satisfaction? Is there light feelings of depression? Are you just sort of meandering through the day “faking it until you make it?” These are all symptoms of time management issues.

We all want to accomplish big things. We want to know that our day has had meaning and we’ve accomplished something great for the Lord. There’s something in every one of us that makes us want to pursue those things. So, how do we maximize our time to position us to do big, God-directed things?

You can’t manage time. You can only manage your priorities within that time. I’ve heard this statement most of my life. However, I want to take it one step forward. There are a million different options in your day, but an important principal with time management is NOT trying to do everything you CAN do in a day. It’s to do the things that you SHOULD do in a day.

What’s going to drive the mission that the Lord has you pursuing? What’s gonna move the needle in small increments toward what the Lord has you specifically doing in your life? It’s not about doing all you can do. It’s about doing what you should do. What critical priorities do you have to do in this season of your life? This week? Today? That’s what you’ve got to focus on.

There is an even principle that has helped me so much in my last few years of life. This principle that will literally change your life! Are you ready for it? The key to time management is all about energy management. Time management is more about energy management than anything else.

Dr. Henry Cloud says, “The most important resources you have are your time and energy. So, who’s getting the benefit of your resources?” I love this question. You only have so much energy in your day to do great work. There is no way you can do intense, great work all day long. It’s just not possible. There are certain times in the day, usually the morning time for most people, that you have the highest focus. You think so much clearer during this time, and you experience your highest energy levels. So, you must ask yourself: What am I giving my best energy to?

There’s a ton of practical how to’s of organization and time management. There is hundreds of applications on just about any platform. There’s a million different people that will tell you a million different good ways to organize your time. However, the principle always comes back to how are you managing your energy.

It starts with the right vision in life. If you don’t have the right God-given vision, then you’re not going to be as motivated. Once you’re clear on what you’re working towards, it all funnels down to your week and to your day, and what you’re giving your best energy to? It’s easy to cut out menial task in your week and your day when you’ve got your eyes set on something bigger. It’s so much easier when you know what your purpose is. So, what are you giving you best energy to?

I’ll leave you with a few questions to ponder over the next few days:

1. What part of the day do I have my best energy?

2. What is the most important things that I need to be focused on with my best energy?

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