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Why I Do This Podcast | Celebrating 100 Episodes of Growth and Impact

In this special 100th episode of The Christian Leader Made Simple Podcast, we celebrate the milestones achieved over nearly three years, including the creation of The Christian Leader Blueprint model. This episode dives into the mission to help Christian leaders enhance their effectiveness and enjoyment of leadership. Join us as we explore the path to leadership transformation and invite you to be part of our ongoing journey.

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I can remember getting it super excited on that very first episode when I had about 15 downloads on the podcast, maybe 6 views on the Youtube channel. But in less than 3 years later, we're now at over 80000 downloads or views. And really, that just blows my mind. And in these 3 years, we've not just shared conversations, but we've built a community, a community that's dedicated. To transforming leadership through the Christian leader blueprint model.

From writing the book, the Christian leader blueprint, a step by step guide, to leadership transformation that released in August of last year to launching 16 courses along with the Christian leader community coaching program that launched last October to creating a self assessment that helps you 0 in on exactly what you need to focus on to move the needle in your effectiveness and enjoyment and leadership. We've been pretty busy. And I just wanna say that it's been worth at all. Because of your support and hard work. I've heard encouragement after encouragement of how the podcast and the book and the courses and the assessment and the community is making a huge difference in our lives.

But I wanna talk to you sort of heart to heart for just a moment, or at least as best as I can in this modality. Why do I do this? Why do I spend my personal time, my personal finances? This podcast is pretty expensive by the way. Why do I do all of this writing and recording and res sourcing and hard work, weekend, and week out.

Why? Here's why. It's because I believe that every Christian leader deserves to lead with clarity, envision and enjoyment. And our mission is pretty simple. Christian leader made simple mission is to help pastors and Christian leaders, gain stability, create personal vision, and follow a plan of act to grow their leadership effectiveness and enjoyment.

You know, there was a time in my life when leadership just felt more like a burden than a calling. And I was stuck in mediocrity, and I was really on the edge of burnout, and I was just longing for some sort of change in my life. And that's when the lord led me down a path of transformation. And it's resulted in me developing what is known now as the Christian leader blueprint model. And this model isn't just a theory.

This model is a testament to what god didn't in my life. And what god can do in your life when you commit to our focused personal growth. And this model this very model, I've seen leaders transform through it, and I've seen them find their rhythm. I've seen them get a great clarity on what they're here to do in life. I've seen them leverage their strengths like never before.

And all of that usually results in building life giving productive relationships. And it's not just about leadership in the church either, or or even leadership in a business. It's about living a rich and fulfilled life in Christ. It's about serving Christ and others in the best possible way. And guess what?

We're taking this this transformation even further Our Christian leader community coaching program isn't just about 1 on 1 growth. It's a collective journey. And I want you to imagine just a moment. I want you to imagine yourself being part of a a community that uplift and supports and guides you towards your god given potential That's really what Christian leader made simple is all about. And so I wanna give you a call to action in this 1 hundredth episode.

If you're feeling stuck, or if leadership has become sort of a source of anxiety in your life instead of joy. It doesn't have to be that way. And I'm gonna tell you it's time for a change in your life. And I'm not sure when you join this podcast, it could have been and you you could have listened to all 100 episodes or this could be your very first episode. And but I wanna challenge you here.

Don't do this alone. Don't try to manufacture some un focused growth in your life alone. Let's continue this journey together. Let's get focused together on what's gonna move the needle in your life. Ephesians 5 versus 15 to 16, it urges us to make the most of every opportunity.

And so I say don't waste another moment with lonely, possibly ineffective leadership in your life. I'm encouraging you. Go to ryan Franklin dot org and join the Christian leader community coaching program today. And I promise you won't regret it. If you have any questions about it, don't hesitate to to ask me at info at ryan franklin dot org you could email me there or you can go to my website and and get me there.

I'm happy to help in any way that I can. Thank you so much for... Walking this journey with me for 100 episodes. You've been my inspiration, and you've been my motivation, and this is just the beginning. Here's to the next 100 episodes to the next chapter to growing together.

Into leading with love and purpose and effectiveness. God bless you all

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