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Evan Grizzle on Unlocking Leadership Development and Discipleship in the Church

Join us for a tremendous conversation with Pastor Evan Grizzle, a successful leader and diligent scholar in leadership development within the church context and in the business environment. With his deep passion for service in the Kingdom of God, Evan serves as the Lead Pastor of the Apostolic Tabernacle in Wilmington, NC, alongside his wife and three kids. Drawing from his Master of Arts in Executive Leadership and his experience as a pastor and personal leadership and development coach, Evan empowers others and equips them with the necessary tools and mindset to excel in their leadership roles. In this interview, Evan discusses the significance of leadership development within the church, addresses common challenges and gaps, and shares key components for an effective leadership development pathway. He also explores the connection between leadership development and discipleship, the role of personal growth, and practical steps for creating a culture of continuous learning. Discover valuable, practical insights and biblical principles that will inspire and transform your leadership journey.

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