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Unveiling the Christian Leader™ Community Coaching Program - Lifetime 40% off Discount to 50 People

In this exciting episode, host Ryan Franklin unveils something truly special – the launch of the Christian Leader™ Community Coaching program, alongside his wife, Dr. Angie Franklin. Tune in as Ryan shares the details and mission behind this transformative community designed to eliminate the frustration many Christian leaders face when seeking a clear plan for growth and dedicated support. Discover how this program can provide stability, vision, and strategy for your personal and team leadership growth, making your leadership journey more effective and enjoyable. Plus, Ryan takes you on a guided tour of the program's features and offers an exclusive discount for early members. Say goodbye to leadership development frustration and hello to a clear path for growth with the Christian Leader™ Community Coaching program. Join today at!

We're offering a founder's lifetime discount of 40% off to the first 50 members that join until October 31st. You also get a neat founders badge in the community. This discount won't last long and we will likely never offer this deep of a discount ever again. Canceling is easy if it's not for you. If you're interested, don't delay.

Here's your discount code: Founder40OFF.

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